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“Misfit” Magnolia

All right, so misfit magnolia. Ha, what in the world does that even mean? Here is the kicker, being a misfit is in our head,

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You are a disco ball.

BREAKING NEWS: you can be more than one thing. Life is BOTH/AND and not the EITHER/OR we have been taught to believe. All of you visionary

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Brimworthy; Defined.

To build a Brimworthy life & business means to intentionally fill up your life with the unique to you meaningful things that expand fill you up while expanding your capacity at the same time, so instead of pouring out your goodness all day, you can overflow it into the world!

I believe you weren’t born to just fight to survive the length of your life but you are meant to THRIVE and experience the width of it too. Thriving stops tyranny in its tracks. Thriving people are not only hard to control but they help OTHERS thrive too. So what happens when parents thrive? Their CHILDREN thrive and the ripple effect of thriving  compounds and creates a resistance to all forms of tyranny both human and spiritual that demonstrates the kingdom God wants here on earth. It breaks the matrix of perpetual suffering and creates resilient, kind, and courageous humans. Can you picture this glorious world?

I feel uniquely called and equipped to support you and connect you to tools to bring that vision to life. I’m imperfect and in no way fearless and I’m doing this. You can too.

I’m a wife, homeschool mama, weirdo, serial creative entrepreneur, Jesus follower, midwest emo & hardcore music loving used to have “scene” hair girl, quantum physics geek, cat video watching, cookie baking, medical freedom libertarian certified coach and founder of Brimworthy! This brand should feel like the good ole’ lifestyle blogs of the 2010’s with a little twist: Brimworthy is for parents, both mom & dad, on a mission to build a profitable vision bigger than themselves without sacrificing their families, but building a fantastical legacy with and for them!

Brimworthy is where the “mundane” & the majestic coexist to create fully alive & AWAKE people who overflow goodness into this crazy world.

I believe there is no difference between life & business and that God has called you to dream big, shine your unique light, and joyfully provide for others. You my friend, are a disco ball.

When you choose what is in alignment with the purpose you are called to and your divinely appointed passions, you ditch busy for productive because you can’t help but overflow goodness to those around you. Everyone’s cup is running over, but with what? 

Join me here daily as I hopefully shine but often stumble and let’s learn to build Brimworthy together!

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