What if you could have more joy, enthusiasm, and time to be present for what matters most to you simply by thinking you could? 

The truth is, there is no tangible reason you can’t be an amazing mom, fulfilled woman, AND a profitable dream builder. BUT, there is an intangible reason, and that is your mindset. All of your experience of life is dictated by what you THINK & FEEL. That means every action you take or do not take starts with a thought, NOT something outside of you. THANKFULLY, God divinely designed humans to support each other to bring the tangible and intangible together. This is why coaching is so effective, it helps to bridge the gap and take you out of your blindspots to see the bigger picture so you can step into it! 

In ALL of my coaching offers, I come together with you to draw out the truths in you that are being clouded by fear so that you can create better thoughts and actions aligned with the truth of who God created you to be to produce fruit (profit!) in all areas of your life. What this means is you will not just see what needs to change but you will expand your capacity and cultivate mental resilience so that you can spot where fear is keeping you stuck, see your resources, and USE them to take action towards goodness no matter what storm is surrounding you. 

Time is simply a language and money is just a tool that when you renew your mind you are able to use instead of only fear losing. God gifted you an imagination and the ability to create for a reason, uncovering your ability craft the daily life you’ve been called to build and to have fun being a lighthouse for your family is what you dream of isn’t it?

FRUITFUL productivity CoachING ON DEMAND

Consistently have a coach to hold space for you, support you, and help you consistently move through limiting beliefs and logistical roadblocks so that you can continue growing through seasons of both calm and chaos?   
$ 1250 Monthly (3 Month Commitment Required)
  • 1 hour coaching call on the 1st, 2nd, and 4th weeks of the month (by video or phone)
  • Review and Refine rhythms, processes, and tech systems to streamline your life and spend less time strategizing and more time DOING.
  • Daily Voice/Text Coaching via the Slack App to dive deep in between calls in the pockets of your day
  • *M-F Slack access - all weekend needs replied to on Monday
  • 2 Accountability check ins by me per week to make sure you are following through on action steps and handle thoughts that holding you back from taking action in real time
  • Coach & Client Project Hub In ClickUp to track goal progress, notes, strategies and recommended resources, call replays, and action steps clear and front of mind!