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We want you to feel supported and inspired by people who REALLY get you in the Burn Bright Society. In this personal growth community, we are creating other-worldly dream building experiences (seriously, we don’t just talk about business…we talk about Jesus, parenting, gardening, entrepnuership, investing, self-defense, wellness, quantum physics, tinfoil topics, the possibility of aliens, and how time isn’t real) and we want you to enjoy all of the confidence, fun, and joyful warmth that comes from surrendering building your business alone to surrounding yourself with other freedom seeking = women like you who are actively transforming from dreamer, to dream believer, to dream doer without selling their souls to the hustle & "fall in line" culture we are inundated these days.

build your business in

profitable harmony

You will love co-working & comedy hours (BRING YOUR FUNNIEST CAT MEME OR OTHER FUNNY SHOW AND TELL), a space to talk with other moms seeking to break free from the status quo and all of the fun conversation that comes with it, combined with deep group coaching and education on the regular! We talk about harmonizing the work of our head, heart, and hands to build profit that overflows goodness to others.

community learning

why is it so good?

Value From Others

“You don’t know what you don’t know.” But hearing what other’s need helps you know a lot more. Seeing others navigate challenges and hearing the questions they ask will open doors to transformation that would normally take you years to find on your own.

Constant Inspiration

Talking with other dreamers DOING the work is INSPIRING! Research show that intentionally being inspired allows you to see new possibilities and leave behind mundane options
and limitation increasing your chances for lasting success exponentially.

Friends Who "Get It"

Building a business isn't just about making money. These days with so much division in the world it can be hard to connect with likeminded people outside of our own friends and family who understand entrepreneurship & the fight for freedom too. Here you can be YOU without being cancelled while also getting good strategic advice without the fear.

Get Momentum

Unexpected things happen that make you want to quit, which is exactly the moment you need to keep going. Why? Momentum is a proven KEY to success and we will be the support system you need to keep going!

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    Mom-prenuership, Wellness & Nutrition, Preparedness, Mindset Tools, Prayer Requests... the list goes on!
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  • Monthly Book Club
  • Pomodoro Co-working & Comedy Hours
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Crafting Your Dream Day When You Keep Other People Alive

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Do Life Differently
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Color Psychology
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Kaitlyn Mace


Working with Chelsea has LAUNCHED my personal and career growth faster than I could have ever imagined. The epiphones and lessons learned have been life changing and I finally feel like I know what I want my dream life to be. I felt more confident in my path after every call and knew exactly what I needed to do to get to my next goal. I've worked with a lot of coaches and no one has been as in-tune with who I am and what I want as Chelsea has. She has so much experience in different sectors that makes her action plan coaching more impactful and makes her not just a cheerleader, but someone that can tell you exactly what you need to do to reach your big goals. Chelsea is powerful and her insight into who you are and how you can have your dream life are invaluable. If you come with an open heart and mind and are ready to get to work, she'll help you realize your dreams and show you how they can be your reality.

Tara Kirby

Life & Business Alignment Coach

Chelsea is ALL THE HEART EYES.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
She is SO knowledgeable, SO interesting, and the kind of coach that can trigger mass amounts of change for you.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
She'll break your brain with her thoughts on time, reality, relationships, (everything), and knows just what to ask you to set your life into motion.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
If you're not a member of the Burn Bright Society - go do it now. And if you need a friend, coach, or a killer set of bangs, Chelsea is your girl.

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right for you?

You are a boss but you are human first! If you just read this and heard a tiny choir in your mind singing “Amen, preach!”, the Burn Bright Society is for you! We know firsthand how lonely being a dreamer can be. You’re listening to podcasts, reading books, trying to figure out the right questions to ask, and just generally trying to fill the roles of 10 people to take your vision from dream to reality while trying to still sleep and enjoy your life at the same time. It’s exhausting.

This member-led community is here to allow you to connect daily with other like-minded dreamers (of your enneagram type and the rest!) looking to do the self-awareness work necessary to truly GROW into the full versions of themselves and use their light to create lasting beautiful impact on this world. Are you burning out but freaking stoked to start burning bright? You’re not letting your bid dream go to sleep? We gotchu.

Need inspiration from brave
like-minded dreamers ?

we gotchu.

Have you wanted to truly talk to someone and know that they GET IT? Like, truly get it? Have a sounding board for your ideas with people who see the world like you do and then see how other people view it so you can communicate clearly? We gotchu.

Do you need a happy place?

we gotchu.

Do you want to have a happy place to geek out on the personal growth tool, business strategy, your faith & personal growth journey with other people who really want to and won’t roll their eyes? We gotchu.

Tired of the double life?

we gotchu.

Are you tired of living a double life? Your life and work are all YOUR LIFE. You’re ready to show up for yourself and for others as your authentic self and watch your world transform and your heart glow even when you’re going through IT. Freedom seeking dream chasers, I know you know what IT is. We gotchu.

Believe in God?

we gotchu.

Do you believe in a higher power but instead you have been trying to do everything alone and freaking draining your beautiful soul out?

Done with the “hustle”?

we gotchu.

Are you tired of the same stereotype-based enneagram, self-help, and 24/7 entrepreneur hustle education being pushed on Instagram and want to really go deep and chat with experts to ENJOY this divine calling you have? We gotchu.

check out these

Frequently Asked Questions

Which membership level should I choose?

Here is the best part, you can always upgrade later if you want! If you are feeling unsure, start with The Canteen. The Canteen is for those wanting to just get their feet wet and may be in the beginning of dream building. The Coaching Campfire is for those of you ready to GET TO WORK and be actively involved with others who are GETTING TO WORK too! You will have a coach not only creating many opportunities to get to work, but A LOT of accountability in the most fun way possible!

Do I need to be a business owner to join?

If you feel called to build any dream, this place is perfect for you! We don’t judge what kind of dream it is or have any sort of criteria for “what a big dream is” except that it is a big dream to you :)

Do I have to be a woman or a parent to join?

NO! Will there be a ton of moms & parents here? Yep! But as humans, we are all mothering and caring for others in some way. If you are currently a mom, hoping to be a mom, or mother anything in anyway and your want to prioritize nurturing others you will find value here.

What if I need 1:1 support?

As a Burn Bright Society member, you get exclusive access and discounts on any 1:1 coaching with our founder, Certified Enneagram & Dream Coach, Chelsea Swain.

What if I can’t make the live sessions?

We will miss you! But, all replays of trainings and sessions will be available in Resoruces for you to access anytime you want!

What qualifies Burn Bright to teach?

We are not only Certified in ego management tools, but also we are also Certified Life and Business Coaches through an amazing program called The Dream Method. While not officially certified in breaking the status quote rules, our founder, Chelsea, has been an entrepreneur for over a decade while building both babies and a lifestyle that has allowed her family to travel the world full-time and the freedom to live by their own wants and needs to fulfill her calling from God, instead of the opinions of the world. **We are not theology experts or bible teachers, but we will bring in those who are to bless this community!

Every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around and you
don't have to do it alone!

The Burn Bright Society
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