Enneagram Coaching
& transformational resources for cREATIVES & ENTREPRENUERS
It's time to expand into the unique magical creature you already are, stop sabotaging your growth, & leap into your genius.
meet Chelsea!
Your Certified
Enneagram Coach

What is the key to a


brimming with magic even during hard times?


The Universe?

Hard work?

Being Exhausted?

all of the above are important, but…



No really, it's you and only you who stands in the way of the magic you want in your life and business. Start, fail, DECIDE to learn, ACCEPT the not so pretty parts you find in yourself, take inspired action, & TRUST that you perfectly whole and uniquely equipped to get back up again and GROW & feel joy! But, you don’t have to do it alone. No matter what part of the process you’re in, I can help you utilize the Enneagram to TRANSFORM into your fullest self. Anything else you need that is out of my zone of genius,
I will find someone perfect to help you!

Common growth roadblocks

We can get you past

Imposter Syndrome
Repeating Old Patterns
Control Freak Behavior
Poor Communication
Your Comfort Zone
Living by Other People's Opinions

Upper Limits


Your Types Unique Pitfalls

do you even know what drives you?

Instead of repeating the same story over and over waiting to feel JOY...
find out what that word even means to your unique soul and learn how
to stop chasing it and start feeling it.


How does this work?

What's The Process?

Step 1

We get to know you :)

Step 2

We uncover your unique type!

Step 3

We do a deep exploration of your type and how it affects your life!

Step 4

We work together to help you utilize your uniqueness to transform your life!

Heather Dulin


Everyone needs a coach- for life, for business and everything in between.  Brimworthy is all of that and more. From the deep meaningful WHY discovery conversations to finding the voice and color in our brand—we laughed, we brainstormed and we may have shed some happy tears with the amazing people partners of Brimworthy. GET YOU SOME!

why is the enneagram even important?

it is THE ROadmap to your highest

You wouldn't be reading this if you weren't looking for a deeper understanding of yourself. But did you know that finding out your core desires will also show you your core weakeness and unveil why you are even chasing big a dream to begin with? What if you had an internal GPS installed that could alert you when you're getting off of your path and help you communicate better with everyone around you so you could receive help and give it back to the world now instead of burning out before you ever get to? It's time for the moments of meaning & magic to outweigh the moments of mundane & madness. Use the Enneagram to find your personal North Star!

Invest in yourself & reap lifelong benefits

We'll work together to find out what makes you tick and I will teach you how to use that information to grow not just your passions but yourself!