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Lets be honest. Things are wild in the world right now. And likely... they always were and always will be, but you don't have to be awake alone or afraid in the "matrix", you can build dreams beautifully and have like-minded community in it! We want you to feel supported and inspired by people who REALLY get you in the Burn Bright Society. In this networking community and coaching program, we are creating other-worldly dream building experiences (seriously, we don’t just talk about entrepreneurship…we talk about God & Jesus, parenting, gardening, entrepreneurship, sales, psychology, crypto & investing, self-defense, wellness, quantum physics, tinfoil topics, the possibility of inter-dimensional beings, and how time isn’t real... the list goes ON & ON) and we want you to enjoy all of the courage, fun, and joyful warmth that comes from surrendering doing life alone to surrounding yourself with other freedom seeking women like yourself who are actively transforming from dreamer, to dream believer, to dream doer without selling their souls to the hustle & "fall in line" culture we are inundated with these days.

build  a free life in

profitable harmony

You will love pomodoro planning & tin foil chat sessions (BRING YOUR FUNNIEST MEME for comedic relief), a space to talk with other women seeking to break free from the status quo & system and all of the fun conversation that comes with doing so, combined with deep group coaching and education on the regular! We talk about harmonizing the work of our head, heart, and hands to build profit in our life and skills that overflows extraordinary to others.

common-ground community learning

why is it so good?

Value From Others

“You don’t know what you don’t know.” But hearing what other’s need helps you know a lot more. Seeing others navigate challenges and hearing the questions they ask will open doors to transformation that would normally take you years to find on your own.

Constant Inspiration

Talking with other awake women DOING things is INSPIRING! Research show that intentionally being inspired allows you to see new possibilities that help you leave behind lower options
and limitations increasing your chances for lasting success exponentially.

Friends Who "Get It"

Building a business isn't just about making money. These days with so much division in the world it can be hard to connect with likeminded people outside of our own friends and family who understand entrepreneurship & the fight for a free beautiful life for their family too. Here you can be YOU without being cancelled while also getting good strategic advice in both life & business without the fear of attack.

Get Momentum

Unexpected things happen that make you want to quit, which is exactly the moment you need to keep going. Why? Momentum is a proven KEY to success and we will be the support system you need to keep going!

In the Burn Bright Society we are committed to helping women go from survival mode to thrival mode.

What does thrival even mean though?

THRIVAL: The mission of not only suriving the length of your life but expanding your life by THRIVING.

Networking Community


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  • One Live Curated Professional Networking Call
    based on the Focus of the Month
  • Community Networking Feed, Chatrooms, Special Interest Forums Including Topics Like: Homesteading, Cryptocurrency, Marketing,
    Mom-prenuership, Conspiracy Theories, Holistic Wellness, Female Strength & Self Defense, Preparedness, Mindset Tools, Prayer Requests... the list goes on!
  • Access to and Listing in the
    Freedom Keeper Women Business Directory
  • 1 Thrival Expert Training Per Month
  • Monthly Book Club &/OR Movie Night
  • 2 Tin Foil Chat Member Networking Nights
  • THE BUNDLES: Monthly Tips, Motivation, Education &
    Worksheets, Playlists on a new topic to keep your fire burning bright.
  • Jane of All Trades Thrival Resource HUB
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Life & Business
Group Coaching

your Coaching membership comes with
  • Everything in the Community Tier and...
  • 3 LIVE Planning & Coworking Sessions that follow the Plan to Live Method
  • The Plan to Live
    Time Management & Productivity Course
  • Access to the entire Brimworthy Live Training Library
  • Monthly D.R.E.A.M.S Goal Setting Workshop
  • Growing Visualization Audio Library
  • Quarterly Fear Releasing Workshop
  • THE BUNDLES: Monthly Tips, Motivation, Education &
    Worksheets, Playlists on a new growth topic to keep your fire burning.
  • Exclusive Access to Discounted 1:1 Coaching
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some of the upcoming  goodies for August 2022 in

The Burn Bright Society


Habit Hacking

Weekly Call

Plan To Live Pomodoro Sessions


2 Tin Foil Chat Nights


D.R.E.A.M.S. Goal Strategy


Fully Alive Shirts!

Book Club

1984 by George Orwell


Movie Night: Stranger Than Fiction

Expert Training


Anna D.

SMALL BUSINESS Project manager & homemaker QUEEN

My time in Burn Bright Society was a wonderful experience. I learned so much about the shift in my business, as well as, how to continue showing up when the world was chaotic. If you feel like you can’t speak your mind, need more tools for building the steps to a dream, or just need a little bit of space to think about next steps for yourself & family - JOIN BURN BRIGHT. I focused in on a dream (buy land and move to a new state), and actually carried out the land purchase during my time. Whoa! From Tin Foil chats to business building dreams - Burn Bright Society is a wonderful place to take the next steps in your life and business. ❤️

Tara Kirby

Life & Business Alignment Coach

Chelsea is ALL THE HEART EYES.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
She is SO knowledgeable, SO interesting, and the kind of coach that can trigger mass amounts of change for you.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
She'll break your brain with her thoughts on time, reality, relationships, (everything), and knows just what to ask you to set your life into motion.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
If you're not a member of the Burn Bright Society - go do it now. And if you need a friend, coach, or a killer set of bangs, Chelsea is your girl.

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start showing up for this one precious life you've been given

is this party

right for you?

You are a counter-culture woman who feels called to break yourself and your family free both by using your voice to share truth BOLDLY and building a dream that makes money, but you are human first! If you just read this and heard a tiny choir in your mind singing “Amen, preach!”, the Burn Bright Society is for you! We know firsthand how lonely being a dreamer in this crazy world can be. You’re listening to podcasts, reading books, trying to figure out the right questions to ask, and just generally trying to fill the roles of 10 people to take your vision from dream to reality while trying to still sleep, play with your kids, eat well, stand up against tyranny, and enjoy your life at the same time. It’s exhausting.

This community is here to allow you to connect daily with other like-minded women looking to do the deep work necessary to truly GROW into their callings and use their light to create lasting beautiful impact on this world. Are you burning out but freaking stoked to start burning bright? This place will pour into you so that you can fill others up too. We are breaking the matrix together and breaking free from government control here and having FUN doing it.

Need inspiration from brave
like-minded dreamers ?

we gotchu.

Have you wanted to truly talk to someone and know that they GET IT? Like, truly get it? Have a sounding board for your ideas with people who see the world like you do and then see how other people view it so you can communicate clearly? You belong here.

Do you need a happy place where you can be YOU?

we gotchu.

Do you want to have a happy place to geek out on all the things you usually get weird looks for talking about WITH people who are also building , businesses, raising families, and on a  faith & personal growth journey with no fear of trolls or being laughed at and also not just complaining but actually DOING SOMETHING? You belong here.

Tired of the double life?

we gotchu.

Are you tired of living a double life? Your life and work are all YOUR LIFE. You’re ready to show up for yourself and for others as your authentic self and watch your world transform and your heart glow even when you’re going through IT. Freedom seeking dream chasers, I know you know what IT is. You belong here.

Believe in God?

we gotchu.

Do you believe in a higher power but instead you have been trying to do everything alone and freaking draining your beautiful soul out? You belong here.

Done with the “hustle”?

we gotchu.

Are you tired of the same stereotype-based, self-help, and 24/7 entrepreneur hustle "You can do it all mama!" education being pushed on Instagram and want to really go deep and chat with experts to ENJOY this divine calling you have? You belong here.

check out these

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a business owner to join?

If you feel called to build a dream, business or otherwise, this place is perfect for you! We don’t judge what kind of dream it is or have any sort of criteria for “what a big dream is” except that it is a big dream to you :) We do believe firmly that women not only deserve but need to have the skills to make money and support their family because this world is full of surprises and your spouse may be called to provide but he also is called to be present and connected with his family. Whether you are making that money now or spending time developing entrepreneurship skills for the future, this place is right for you.

Why does this community cost money to be a part of?

You're right, there are quite a few free Facebook groups and communities filled with people who also are fighting for freedom and paying to be a The difference here is that everyone here is not here just to "lurk" but they are dedicated to building a meaningful aligned network and to being a light for other. What does this really mean, the people here are so committed to showing up that they are willing to invest in a professional level networking experience, they are playing the game at a higher level. We run The Burn Bright Society as a business and invest in high quality content, guest teachers, and customer service that you are going to feel like you can't believe it only cost $25 a month. An added bonus: the payment gateway discourages TROLLS muddying up the conversations so instead of constantly having defensive conversations about controversial topics you get to have DEEPER conversations and open the floodgates to better information instead of just the surface.

Do I have to be a parent to join?

NO! Will there be a ton of moms & parents here? Yep! But as humans, we are all mothering and caring for others in some way. If you are currently a mom, hoping to be a mom, or mother anything in anyway and your want to prioritize nurturing others and serving the people of the world with your gifts, you will find value here.

What if I need 1:1 support?

As a Burn Bright Society member, you get exclusive access in the app and 15% discounts on any 1:1 Brimworthy coaching service with our founder, Certified Dream Coach, Chelsea Swain.

What if I can’t make the live sessions?

We will miss you! But, all replays of trainings will be available in Resoruces for you to access anytime you want except for our  group coaching calls, replays will be sent for those who request and made available for 1 week and our tin foil chats will never be recorded to protect our members ideas and private out of the box conversations since new members are joining regularly! We want you to feel you can be vulnerable without repercussion here.

What qualifies you to teach?

Chelsea is not only a Certified Life and Business Coach through an amazing program called The Dream Method but has been an entrepreneur for over a decade while building both babies and a lifestyle that has allowed my family to travel the world full-time and the freedom to live by our own wants and needs to fulfill my calling from God, instead of the opinions of the world. building bWhile not officially certified in breaking the status quo rules. **To be clear I am not a not theology expert or bible teacher, and this is not a community only for christians, but we will bring in those who are to bless this community when it is appropriate and will share our faith often, you do not have to agree to benefit here :)

Is this a christian  community?

While this community has been founded by followers ofJesus, it is not a requirement to be one yourself. If talk about the sprititual world makes you uncomfortable you may find some of the analogies and teachings here are not for you but if you are open minded you will love it!

Every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around and you
don't have to do it alone!

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