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What is your identity?

Identity isn’t just a word, it’s the key visual piece carefully designed to not only represent you, but to accurately associate your brand to your business. It’s the face everyone thinks of when your name comes up and it should reflect the characteristics that represent everything your business stands for.

Your free consultation will involve a kick-off discussion where we will review your brand and overall identity goals. From that I will be able to have a solid grasp on what it is you will need for the budget you are working with. In general terms and for most cases, the identity process consist of some initial discovery sessions followed by concept rounds to zero in on the identity's visual direction. Next, we will bring our focus to color and typography application. Once the logo has been finalized, I package it up nicely for you in various, usable formats so that you can implement it in the many ways that your business will need. That being said, over the years, my clients have had many unique needs and requirements so our free consultation helps us to get on the right path towards desired deliverables!

Heather Dulin


Everyone needs a coach- for life, for business and everything in between.  Brimworthy is all of that and more. From the deep meaningful WHY discovery conversations to finding the voice and color in our brand—we laughed, we brainstormed and we may have shed some happy tears with the amazing people partners of Brimworthy. GET YOU SOME!