Our branding & creative packages
Purpose Mining
8 hours Dedicated time with chelsea
All of our design and strategy is based on a solid foundation: you. If hard-work, pathfinding, vulnerability, and big emotional realizations are not your thing, we are not for you. Like really, we love you and want the best for you so we want to be for you, but we have learned many hard lessons over the years and if those things above aren’t a part of your business strategy… we just need to say good luck and we hope you find the success you’re looking for!

We build this foundation by mining to find your unique personality, genius, values, skills, quirks, and desires. This isn’t your average discovery session, we dig deep to find not only why you are doing this business, but why you are alive at all.

With the power of your purpose as the foundation, we craft the story and values of your brand. Keeping your audience in mind, we build messaging that sounds like you and communicates your mission and values whether you are in the room or not. The narrative contains the pillars and filters for every email, advertisement, social media post, and conversation your brand takes part in so you can show up easily and build trust to obtain a loyal following of raving fans.

If you’ve ever wondered what the secret to a successful brand is, it's this. A strong brand with a solid foundation will consistently and honestly show up and can pivot their products and offerings over time as they grow.

Brand Alchemy
We mix together all of the core elements of you and our creativity to cook up a brand that bubbles over with your light, changing the world and satisfying your soul’s purpose. We craft messaging and visuals that speak for you when you’re not in the room and expand the reach of your passion to new places drawing in your dream customers like stink on a June bug. When it’s all said and done you have a living and breathing resource of every detail of your brands personality and style. 
  • Logo Creation (4-8 options) + two rounds of revisions on your favorite concept
  • Alternate Social Media Logo
  • Typography
  • Color palette
  • Patterns/Graphics/Icons
  • Vision Board
  • Living Brand Guide and Logo image files in all the formats you'll need

Elixer Production & Distribution
This is the how. We apply your brand and develop your products. We create the vehicles to deliver your magic to your people. This is the product strategy, the website, the conference, the app. This is the ideation and innovation born from your passion, your brand. 

Brand Mentorship
Not sure where to start? Are you in need of a fresh perspective? Just need to refine what you already have? Need more clarity and confidence? Actionable insight on how to start bringing home some money from your hard-work?

Brand mentorship is a collaboration to unlock your potential. 

We're waiting with arms and ears wide open to help you see what she sees in you and your business. It doesn’t get more real than working with someone who has over 10 years experience trying, failing, and turning failures into magical entrepreneurship bliss. We know how it feels to have lost your way and we live for the amazing feeling of finding it again. Whether you just have an idea or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, this path is not easy and I want to help all women, working moms, family startups, and digital nomads get over the mountain and cry freaking tears of joy instead of fear. I want you to find your magic and share it with every person you meet. 

We have navigated this wildly unpredictable path and are still happily married. We have successfully travelled the world while running our businesses, dove head first into events and then developed our own app with no clue what we were doing or where to start. We navigated new parenthood and sickness and massive curveballs from the universe. We have had the odds stacked against us and now we feel ready to share every morsel of magic we’ve learned along the way. 

It’s time to fill your vessel so you can stop pouring it and start overflowing instead. Let us guide you. 
Single Serve Mentorship calls
- OR -
4 MONTH Membership Package
  • Weekly Video face to face mentor parties via Slack
  • Getting cozy with the pinpoints in your brand and problem solving
  • Connect you with tools and resources to accelerate your growth
  • Soul filling homework
  • Mapping out and activating your vision for your business
  • Social Media evaluation and guidance
  • Personality exploration and honing in on your unique gifts
  • Getting clear on what your most powerful, valuable, and billable offers
  • Ideation on products and services that bring in the money
  • Finding what sparks joy in your business and life
  • Slack messaging support between calls
  • Follow up notes and analysis on all sessions for future review

Businesses without brands are boring

- we said that