Terra Builders

Branding • Identity • Collateral • Web

Client Overview

Terra Builders is an excavation company working out of the Colorado Springs area. They were looking to create a brand that would show strength in the industry, but also convey a confidence and openness to welcome new clients into a trustworthy partnership. Through branding, identity, web design, apparel and marketing collateral, we helped to shape their ideas into a cohesive visual presence in the industry.

Thanks to the strength of their brand and their solid work ethic, they are becoming a go-to providers for all earthwork jobs for this booming area. Terra Builders has big plans for growth and needed a brand and visual identity that could grow with their goals. It needed to be sturdy and identifiable, work across many applications and construction tools, and be something that the company could stand behind with confidence. Today Terra Builders is thriving and using its brand to build lasting ties to its clients and the cities that they are working to grow.